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JANUARY 24th, 2024
4:00 P.M. EST – 1:00 P.M. PST


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2023 Annual Report


They were all children, who never had a chance, once they were snatched away from their families and passed the doors of these forbidding buildings, to defend themselves from the abuse they had to endure, without anyone to comfort them.  Their parents and grand parents never had a chance to protect them. As adults, the children who survived never had a chance to enjoy a life free of the haunting memories.

It is not as if these harrowing stories, straight from survivors, have not been told and retold enough times by now. There is a saying that everyone will understand: walking in some one’s moccasins.

We are all humans. Those Canadian parents who are willing to stop and reflect for one moment how it would feel if their own children were suddenly taken forcibly from them, and be treated the way these innocent indigenous children were, can understand and share the pain of indigenous parents and grandparents.

Will the work of the TRC, who painstakingly, and for years gathered the stories of these survivors, now parents and grandparents, finally bring them some genuine hope that the depth of their grief is also being shared and understood by other Canadian parents and grand parents?

Will this horror of children secretly buried without any trace of their name, be a final recognition that over 150,000 First Nations, Inuit and Métis children lived traumatized lives in these places, and the 3,200 who died, many like the children at the residential school at Tk’emlúps te Secwepemc (Kamloops)?

All children, who ever they are, are part of the human family. All or us at ICBOC, share in the sorrow of all Indigenous peoples all over Canada who are mourning these innocent children.

After a tender and painful few days and numerous requests for guidance on how to talk to kids about Residential schools, Monique Gray-Smith produced a short video supporting educators, families and any adult who is being called on to have these tender conversations. We invite you to click on the link below  


For those who wish to know more amount Monique and her work:


The Spring 2021 Virtual Trauma & Addictions Conference: Special Discount for ICBOC Participants


Jack Hirose and Associates 

Register for a unique opportunity to attend. Among the choice of topics and presenters, we recommend the trainings offered by two presenters well known in Indigenous networks: Dr. Gabor Mate and Dr. Martin Brokenleg. Take advantage of these ICBOC-certification relevant trainings at a special 20% off for ICBOC participants.  To be eligible for the discount, ICBOC members must register for courses on the Jack Hirose and Associates website and use the promo code, “ICBOC20.”

Learn more about the trainings offered by Dr. Gabor Mate and Dr. Martin Brokenleg, presented by Jack Hirose and Associates.





























Introducing the ICBOC-Accredited Indigenous Educator’s Program



Introducing the ICBOC-Accredited Indigenous Educator’s Program!

Have you ever thought of developing a program to preserve your culture, traditions or to help preserve your language? Have you ever been asked to train someone, mentor another staff member, or develop a new course of your own?

Seize the opportunity to become the Educator everyone wants to learn from, embrace online training technology, design and develop your own training courses, all in one program accredited by ICBOC, and leading to a certification as a Community Educator at level I.

You NEED to know more…





















Email Contact Has Changed



With the addition of a new member of staff and changes in the mandate and roles of ICBOC’s existing staff, email contact with our organization has changed.

Effective April 1st, 2021, all matters related to certification will be under the care of Laura Noonan, who now holds the position of Registrar. She can be reached at

Giselle Robelin, who held the position of Registrar and Director of Standards, is now ICBOC’s Director of programs. Although she has the overall supervision of all ICBOC programs’ implementation, including Certification, her work now focuses on the direct administration of the ICBOC’s Education and Training Accreditation, new Certifications Development and Certification Reciprocity Programs. Her new email address is

You can still contact the Director of Programs or the Registrar directly for any inquiry, but our new Administrative Assistant, Ingrid Brito, is also at your service and will respond or direct your inquiries to the right member of staff. Ingrid’s email address is







On Thursday, November 14, 2019, at the annual event entitled “Honouring Our Traditional Foods,” taking place at the Mohawk Community Centre, Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, the Indigenous Diabetes Health Circle (IDHC) is pleased to announce its most recent history-making program development. IDHC becomes the first diabetes organization to achieve certification status for its training programs by the Indigenous Certification Board of Canada (ICBOC). For more information, visit




TO ALL ICBOC POTENTIAL AND EXISTING CERTIFIED PROFESSIONALS: Are you interested in continuing on your professional development toward a career in Health Management? If yes, let us know about it and we will give you the information you need.

As sister and partner organizations, sharing the same vision of a confident, qualified and effective Indigenous workforce leading to healthy, vibrant and prosperous families and communities, the Indigenous Certification Board of Canada and the First Nations Health Managers Association have established a bridge between their two certification systems. This reciprocity initiative offers a innovative career continuum to ICBOC certified workers, based on a capacity development model responding to their needs and aspirations.

Two routes are offered to ICBOC-certified unregulated workers to take advantage of this initiative and to progress toward a career in health management:
1. At any time, ICBOC applicants or certified workers can register for ICBOC’s Management Track program (MTP). They can attend and complete FNHMA courses, which are all accredited by ICBOC, and apply the training hours towards their ICBOC certification, recertification or upgrades. The information on these completed courses are saved separately in their ICBOC file for future use towards enrolment in the FNHMA certification process.
2. Certified members who have obtained their ICBOC Specialist certification at level IV, as Clinical Supervisor or Team Leader can apply to FNHMA and ask to have their training portfolio evaluated in order to find out if some of these trainings can be considered as equivalent to those offered by FNHMA. FNHMA provides guidance to candidates as to what measures they must take to enrol in the FNHMA certification process.

If you wish to know more about the ICBOC-FNHMA Management Track Program (MTP) or to register, please give us a call at 1 604 874 7425

Board of Directors Opening

On October 1, 2019 there will be an opening on the Board of Directors of the Indigenous Certification Board of Canada. We would like to invite Indigenous people from across the country to apply to become a member of our Board. If you feel you have the time, experience and national contacts, to assist ICBOC in expanding our services across the Indigenous workforce in Canada, please forward a brief letter (or email) expressing your interest, what you feel you could bring to the position, along with your resume to:

We would like to thank all those who express interest. Unfortunately, we only have one opening at this time.

Please note that the position is voluntary. There will be no remuneration attached to this role.

Programme Orientation Gestion

Voulez-vous continuer votre perfectionnement professionnel et vous orienter vers une carrière en gestion de santé? Si votre réponse est oui, dites-le nous et nous vous fournirons les renseignements dont vous avez besoin.

En tant qu’organisations sœurs et partenaires, le Conseil Autochtone d’agrément Professionnel du Canada et l’Association des Gestionnaires en Santé des Premières Nations partagent la même vision d’une main-d’œuvre Autochtone confiante en ses capacités, qualifiée et efficace, contribuant au rétablissement de familles et de communautés en santé, dynamiques et prospères. Elles se sont donc alliées pour établir un pont entre leur deux systèmes d’agrément professionnel. Cette initiative de réciprocité offre aux travailleurs Autochtones agréés par le CAAPC un continuum de carrière innovateur, basé sur un modèle de développement des capacités répondant à leurs besoins et leurs aspirations.

Deux pistes sont disponibles aux membres certifiés par le CAAPC et désireux de tirer avantage de cette initiative et de progresser vers une carrière en gestion de santé :

  1. Un candidat à un agrément professionnel du CAAPC ou un travailleur déjà agréé peut, en tout temps, s’inscrire au Programme Orientation Gestion (POG) du CAAPC. Ils peuvent alors suivre et compléter les cours offerts par l’AGSPM, qui sont tous accrédités par le CAAPC, et appliquer ces heures de formation à leur premier agrément, leur renouvellement ou surclassement d’agrément. Les renseignements sur ces cours complétés sont sauvegardés séparément par le CAAPC dans leur dossier pour qu’ils puissent être utilisés plus tard, lors d’une demande d‘inscription au processus d’agrément de l’AGSPN
  2. Les membres agréés du CAAP, qui ont obtenu leur agrément soit en tant que spécialiste au niveau IV, que Superviseur Clinique ou que Chef d’Équipe, peuvent soumettre une demande a l’AGSPN pour faire évaluer leur portefeuille de formations et savoir si certaines de ces formations sont considérées comme étant équivalentes à celles de l’AGSPN. L’AGSPN guide ces candidats et leur indique quelles sont les mesures à prendre pour pouvoir s’inscrire à son processus d’agrément

Si vous désirez en savoir plus sur le Programme Orientation Gestion (POG) du CAAPC-AGSPN ou si vous voulez vous y inscrire, n’hésitez pas à nous appeler au 1 604 874 7425