TO ALL ICBOC POTENTIAL AND EXISTING CERTIFIED PROFESSIONALS: Are you interested in continuing on your professional development toward a career in Health Management? If yes, let us know about it and we will give you the information you need.

As sister and partner organizations, sharing the same vision of a confident, qualified and effective Indigenous workforce leading to healthy, vibrant and prosperous families and communities, the Indigenous Certification Board of Canada and the First Nations Health Managers Association have established a bridge between their two certification systems. This reciprocity initiative offers a innovative career continuum to ICBOC certified workers, based on a capacity development model responding to their needs and aspirations.

Two routes are offered to ICBOC-certified unregulated workers to take advantage of this initiative and to progress toward a career in health management:
1. At any time, ICBOC applicants or certified workers can register for ICBOC’s Management Track program (MTP). They can attend and complete FNHMA courses, which are all accredited by ICBOC, and apply the training hours towards their ICBOC certification, recertification or upgrades. The information on these completed courses are saved separately in their ICBOC file for future use towards enrolment in the FNHMA certification process.
2. Certified members who have obtained their ICBOC Specialist certification at level IV, as Clinical Supervisor or Team Leader can apply to FNHMA and ask to have their training portfolio evaluated in order to find out if some of these trainings can be considered as equivalent to those offered by FNHMA. FNHMA provides guidance to candidates as to what measures they must take to enrol in the FNHMA certification process.

If you wish to know more about the ICBOC-FNHMA Management Track Program (MTP) or to register, please give us a call at 1 604 874 7425