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About us; ICBOC is the only Indigenous certification body in Canada created to serve the professional needs of First Nations, Inuit, and Metis unregulated worker. These unregulated workers provide a variety of services to Indigenous individuals, families and communities in the health and social sectors.

The authority of the Indigenous Certification Board of Canada is derived from knowledgeable, experienced, and skilled Board members and staff, all committed to honour and develop the existing capacity of the unregulated Indigenous workforce, and to accelerate the return of Indigenous families and communities to a maximal state of health and wellbeing.

These commitments are embodied in the Corporate By-Laws that govern our Certification Board. Indigenous culture, wholistic healing and Indigenous educational philosophies are embedded in every one of ICBOC’s activities.

ICBOC is a registered charity, administered by an elected Board of Directors, ultimately responsible to ensure the Administration, Management and Employees Act is in the best interests of ICBOC and do so in a financially responsible manner. Board members are experts in their field and their election takes place every year. This election process ensures a degree of continuity, experience, and expertise is maintained, while providing an opportunity for fresh ideas from new representatives.