Email Contact Has Changed



With the addition of a new member of staff and changes in the mandate and roles of ICBOC’s existing staff, email contact with our organization has changed.

Effective April 1st, 2021, all matters related to certification will be under the care of Laura Noonan, who now holds the position of Registrar. She can be reached at

Giselle Robelin, who held the position of Registrar and Director of Standards, is now ICBOC’s Director of programs. Although she has the overall supervision of all ICBOC programs’ implementation, including Certification, her work now focuses on the direct administration of the ICBOC’s Education and Training Accreditation, new Certifications Development and Certification Reciprocity Programs. Her new email address is

You can still contact the Director of Programs or the Registrar directly for any inquiry, but our new Administrative Assistant, Ingrid Brito, is also at your service and will respond or direct your inquiries to the right member of staff. Ingrid’s email address is