Community Support Supervisors

Certified Indigenous[1] community support Supervisors oversee a variety of front-line assistance programs and community services for those who are caught up in the gaps in the social determinants of health resulting from the colonial process and the ongoing impact of the current dominant sociopolitical system. 

Inuit, First Nations and Metis community support Managers are skilled professionals whose main responsibility is to manage a team. Supervisors create and oversee their team’s workflow, or the tasks required to complete a job. Supervisors define goals, communicate objectives and monitor team performance. They assist new employees to understand their role and support them during their transition, providing workplace orientation and explaining company policies or job duties.

Supervisors are responsible for evaluating performance and providing feedback and are often responsible for reporting team and individual performance to human resources and senior management.

The ICBOC horizontal laddering certification system allows certified members who are changing job or their career orientation, to have the accumulated knowledge and skills that is recorded in their ICBOC certification records, transferred to an application for a different certification.  Many standards and requirements across the ICBOC range of certifications are transferable. Please contact ICBOC’s Registrar if you are contemplating a certification switch.

ICBOC’s vertical laddering certification system allows Certified professionals to reach higher levels of certification. The next certification level opportunity for community Support Supervisors is the ICBOC Team Leader certification, which opens the door to certification with the First Nations Health Manager Association (FNHMA). To obtain more information regarding this opportunity, please contact ICBOC at

Once you have decided on the type of certification you are applying for (Inuit-specific or indigenous), we recommend you select and download the relevant summaries of standards and requirements (for level I and for level II) so you can determine which certification level fits your situation. This will guide you as to which application package you need to download and complete. All these clickable documents are listed below:

Inuit Specific Certifications 

Summary of Standards and Requirements – Certified Inuit Community Support Supervisor

Application Package – Certified Inuit Community Support Supervisor

Indigenous Specific Certifications

Summary of Standards and Requirements – Certified Indigenous Community Supervisor

Application Package – Certified Indigenous Community Support Supervisor 

Other Documents

ICBOC Workforce Capacity Development Model

[1] ICBOC offers Inuit-specific community support certifications as well as Indigenous community support certifications for First Nations and Metis workers. These latter certifications are also offered to mainstream or other workers provided they are employed in an indigenous setting