Certified Indigenous Addictions Specialist Level IV – COD (CIAS IV – COD)

The certification as a Certified Addictions Indigenous Specialist Level IV – COD is for professionals with an expertise in the specialized area of concurrent disorders, which includes a combination of substance use and mental health problems. Concurrent disorders are also referred to as co-occurring disorders, dual disorders or dual diagnosis.

The term concurrent disorders includes a range of combinations of problems, such as anxiety disorder and an alcohol problem, schizophrenia and cannabis dependence, borderline personality disorder and heroin dependence and bipolar disorder and problem gambling


This level of certification requires some working experience with clients affected by a combination of alcohol and/or drug dependence and mental health problems, and the knowledge and ability to apply specific approaches to prevention and treatment, based on an awareness of a client’s needs. This may include possible other issues associated with their condition and situation, including issues related to gaps in the social determinants of health.

This ICBOC certification category is open to all professionals who have already been granted their certification as an Indigenous certified addictions specialist at level III or who fulfill all the standards and requirements of this certification.


The experience, knowledge and skills an applicant has acquired on the topic of concurrent disorders along the way, as part of their CIAS III certification, will be taken into account and applied toward certification as a CIAS IV – COD. However, applicants for this certification must also satisfy the specific standards and requirements to demonstrate their expertise in the area of concurrent disorders.

The ICBOC vertical laddering certification system provides an opportunity to Certified Indigenous Addictions Specialists at level III or to professionals who fulfill all the standards and requirements of this certification to upgrade their professional certification instead of being limited to renewing their certification at the same level. They can direct their professional development toward honing their knowledge and skills in topics of particular interest to them.


The experience, education and training required to obtain the Level IV – COD certification can be acquired over time: there is no restriction as to the number of years an applicant takes to reach this level of certification.

There is no restriction either as to the number of expertise areas a candidate can accumulate over time. Each area of expertise will be documented on the certificate of an applicant who has fully satisfied the standards and requirements of the certifications related to the particular areas of expertise.


ICBOC has consulted many workers and specialists in the fields of addictions and mental wellness to find out what topics they consider important to better serve their clients and in which they would like to gain expertise. We have taken note of these topics and are working to develop the standards and requirements that will enable us to add them to our current list of level IV areas of expertise.