Certified Indigenous Clinical Team Leader in Addiction Services

This Certified Indigenous Team Leader in Addiction Services (CITLAS) professional credential been developed for NNADAP practitioners and for other professionals working in an indigenous work setting – in a treatment centre or in a community-based health service or program – focused on addictions and/or mental wellness.

In such settings, professionals in a team leadership position work under the direction of senior management. They are in charge of the day-to-day operation of a multidisciplinary team of workers involved in the direct delivery of an addiction program or service. They are generally responsible for this program or service in terms of planning, delivery and evaluation, in accordance with established professional standards and policy, best practice guidelines and legislative and funders’ requirements.

Certified Indigenous Team Leader in Addiction Services are accountable for the quality of service to clients accessing their team and for setting and monitoring standards of practice. They also work closely with clients, their family, clinical teams and other stakeholders. Although this ICBOC professional certification requires knowledge and skills in program or service management, the emphasis of this certification is on the kind of leadership competency that will create and nurture a well-motivated team, capable of providing and developing high standards of performance.

Note: The training required to satisfy the knowledge and skill requirements of the professional certification as a certified Indigenous team leader in addictions services can be obtained through the completion of a college or university program and/or through a portfolio of training acquired with other training providers.

The required training can also be acquired through the Management Track Program (MTP), a partnership initiative of the Indigenous certification Board of Canada (ICBOC) and the First Nations Health Managers Association (FNHMA). This program has been designed for those who are interested in a future career in health management and aims at facilitating an eventual certification as a health manager with FNHMA.

If you opt to obtain this future certification through the MTP, you need to complete ALL FNHMA courses in the Certified First Nations Health Manager Program (CFNHMP), as this is the condition ICBOC and FNHMA have set in their agreement. Using the Management Track Program to acquire the training required for your certification as a Certified Indigenous Team Leader in Addictions with ICBOC is entirely voluntary.

More information about this certification is available by clicking on the links below, but please do not hesitate to contact us if you need assistance or further information.


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