Certified Indigenous Attendant in Residential Addiction Services

The Certified Indigenous Attendant in Residential Addiction Services (CIARAS) certification is for workers who are responsible for the surveillance, wellbeing and security of clients.
These responsibilities include monitoring the program during assigned shifts, assessing the safety needs of clients and implementing organizational procedures in crisis or emergency situations. Attendants are expected to act as role models and provide clients with guidance and support. They may be required to monitor the distribution of medications.

Attendants in Residential Addiction Services generally work shifts (rotating: days, evenings, nights, weekends). Part-time Attendants are often required to be available for work at immediate notice.

Laddering opportunities:

The ICBOC horizontal laddering certification system allows Certified Indigenous Attendants in Residential Addiction Services to have their existing experience, knowledge and skills transferred and counted towards another worker level certification.

It is, however, mandatory that they also satisfy all the standards and requirements of the new certification they wish to apply for, in particular in terms of the core functions.

More information about this certification is available by clicking on the links below, but please do not hesitate to contact us if you need assistance or further information.

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