Unregulated Diabetes Community-Based Support workers are valuable resource people who live in the community. They promote diabetes awareness, implement prevention strategies and assist individuals and families affected with diabetes to manage the disease. They support the patient care delivery, coordination and education work provided by other health professionals.

ICBOC offers two levels of certifications to diabetes community support workers employed by Indigenous community-based organizations and/or programs that deliver prevention, awareness/education and care services to individuals and families affected by diabetes.

The Diabetes Community-Based Support worker’s and Diabetes Community-Based Support Coordinator certifications are also offered as a specialization to workers known under various other titles (community health workers (CHW), community health representatives (CHRs), cultural resource facilitators, community health brokers, multicultural health navigators, community navigators, cross-cultural health promoters, community outreach workers, peer educators, personal support workers, youth workers or peer support workers, multicultural health brokers, lay health educators, and more.

All these workers are grounded in the communities they serve and responsive to the many challenges they face. The credential that is granted when an applicant has met the expected certification standards and requirements, can be used as an attestation of a worker’s competencies in providing diabetes support at community level, in addition to others responsibilities to be carried out as part of his/her job description.

To know more about the two certifications available in Diabetes Community-Based Support, click on the links below

Certified Indigenous Community-Based Diabetes Support Worker (CICB-DSW)

Certified Indigenous Community-Based Diabetes Support Coordinator (CICB-DSC)