As a follow-up to their partnership agreement signed in September 2014, the Indigenous Certification Board of Canada (ICBOC) and the First Nations Health Managers Association (FNHMA) have collaborated on an initiative offering access to training that facilitates the acquiring of professional certification with ICBOC and FNHMA respectively.

In the context of its Indigenous Workforce Capacity Development model, ICBOC, as a national indigenous organization, offers a range of certifications to workers and specialists employed in unregulated occupations in the fields of Addictions, mental wellness, and community development. ICBOC also facilitates access to culturally competent and safe education and training leading to these certifications.

The First Nations Health Managers Association “is a national, professional association exclusively serving the needs of individuals working for or aspiring to positions with First Nations organizations. It is responsible for providing training, certification, and professional development opportunities in health management”.

Whether you are interested in getting training that will lead to your ICBOC certification or you are interested in reaching for a management position in the professional ranks of the health and wellness field, this collaborative initiative, will assist you in moving toward your goal.

The majority of the subjects and content covered in the five courses that are part of the process to become a certified Health Manager with FNHMA also reflect the education/training topics required to obtain several ICBOC certifications. Additional addiction-specific training is required for most of ICBOC certifications.

These training courses offer ICBOC applicants and existing certified members with two main opportunities:

  1. Obtaining training that can then be applied towards your ICBOC certification, recertification and/or certification upgrades.
  2. Completing one of the steps towards FNHMA’s certification as a Health Manager

If a career in health management is part of your career plan, you can advance this goal by opting for the ICBOC’s Management Track Program (MTP). This program allows any interested new ICBOC applicants and existing certified members to complete one of the steps toward becoming a certified health manager with FNHMA: to enroll in and complete the required courses in the Certified First Nation Health Management Program (CFNHMP). Courses are delivered online and offered in a fall and winter session. Where interest and numbers exist, a course may be delivered in a five day intensive program with pre and post activities. Each online course is delivered over a 12 week period. The intensive courses are delivered over a nine week period. Detailed information on FNHMA, on FNHMA certification process and training program, please visit

Applicants to the ICBOC certification as a Team Leader in Addictions Services – which has requirements in leadership and management – can obtain this certification:

  • If they are certified with the First Nations Health Managers Association (FNHMA) and satisfy the additional ICBOC requirements in regard to addictions
  • By completing some FNHMA courses and satisfy the additional training required by ICBOC, offered by other training providers

To enroll in the ICBOC Management Track Program, you will need to complete the MTP Application Form. We do a statistical follow-up for MTP enrolments and it is important that you send the form back to the ICBOC office.

Before enrolling for this program, we recommend that you read the reflective and self-assessment tool, available by clicking on the appropriate link at the end of this page. This document will assist you in confirming whether or not you wish to apply for this program.

Your application will be forwarded to FNHMA, who will take charge of your file, and contact you directly to provide relevant information about the courses, the process of enrolment, at what date and place they are offered etc. FNHMA issues certificates and that is all you will have to submit to ICBOC to have the training you completed applied to your ICBOC certification.

Click on the link to download this document:

  Moving toward a career in Indigenous Health Management- Reflective and Self-Assessment Tool