By maintaining your professional certification you are investing in the recognition of the professional knowledge and skills you have dedicated time and efforts to obtain, and you are demonstrating your commitment to enhance your professional development.

Please click on the following documents for the recertification form in your preferred language:

 Recertification Form – English (2023)

 Recertification for Addiction and Wellness

 Recertification Form for Community Support

If you opt to maintain your certification, it will have to be renewed every two (2) years.

The date when your initial certificate was issued (anniversary date) will be used to set the expiry date of subsequent certificates. To obtain your recertification, the following conditions apply:

  • Your latest certification must still be valid when you submit your renewal application
  • You must, as a certified worker, remain in good standing with ICBOC
  • Certificates that are not renewed on their expiry date will be considered late renewals
  • Lapsed certification files will be kept open for a period of six (6) months
  • Six months after the expiry date of the latest certificate, the file will be archived

To obtain the renewal of your certification, you will need to:

  • Complete the renewal form downloadable from the ICBOC website or available by request
  • Provide evidence of 40 hours of new training/education, obtained since the issue date of your latest certificate
  • Insure that these new training/education hours are on required topics, as indicated in the summaries of standards and requirements corresponding to your certification
  • Training hours will only be accepted if supported by certificates, transcripts or a signed declaration provided by a qualified person (your employer, training manager or supervisor). This declaration must provide the list of training topics, the number of hours and date when the training took place. It must clearly indicate the name, professional title and contact information of the qualified person of the person signing the declaration.

In certain cases, you will be able to be exempted from a late renewal or reactivation fee, for a reasonable motive, for example if/when you take a break from your employment (maternity leave, illness, loss of employment, change of career etc…).

If you cannot renew and wish to keep your file open, you must inform the Registrar in writing, either by letter or email, explaining your circumstances. The information will be inserted in your file, which will be kept pending until you reactivate it. If these conditions are observed, no late or reactivation fee will be charged.

As an indigenous, culture-based certifying body, we accept other forms of training, in addition to training for which certificates are issued (programs, courses, workshops, seminars, etc.). Here are the forms of training you can apply towards your initial application for professional certification or the renewal of your certification:

  • Participation – in the context of your work with clients – in cultural, traditional activities, ceremonies. A maximum of 26 hours spent in such activities will be accepted.
  • In-house training provided by your employer
  • Cultural teachings or advice you received from an Elder at your place of employment, during the course of your work schedule

In order to qualify as credit hours toward your professional certification, such activities must be accounted for by either of the following:

  • The special Declaration form included in the certification application packages. This declaration is attached to the recertification form or will be forwarded by ICBOC upon request, OR
  • A Letter of declaration from the employer, printed on letterhead

These verifying documents must include the following information:

  • A detailed description of the activity and number of hours or days
  • The printed name and contact information of a qualified person (Elder, employer, supervisor)
  • Signature of the qualified person, and the date of the activity
  • We also accept the training you have yourself delivered to your colleagues or to the public on the condition that you submit a copy of:
    • The training agenda
    • The description of the training, including the title, the learning objectives, and the content of the session
    • The ICBOC “Declaration concerning Alternative Training Formats” completed as required by the qualified person (Elder, employer or supervisor).