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Recertification Equivalence Application – English (2023)





Some ICBOC certified members may change their job or be promoted to another position, and wish to acquire a certification that better fits their new employment.  The ICBOC professional certification system facilitates switches to other certifications by transferring the applicant’s existing experience, knowledge and skills and apply them against the standards and requirements of the new certification.  


The Indigenous Certification Board of Canada offers a process that allows ICBOC-certified members to switch from one certification to another.

If you already have a certification from ICBOC and you wish to obtain another certification at an equivalent level (i.e. your certification is as a Certified Indigenous Addictions Specialist at level I, and you are now employed in the same field but in prevention, you can apply for certification as a Certified Indigenous Addictions Prevention Specialist at level 1.) You can obtain this other certification as long as you fulfill its standards and requirements.

You will need to complete and submit this form AS WELL AS the Application Package relating to the certification you wish to switch to.

However, you will not have to start from scratch: the relevant work experience and education/training you have already documented in your initial certification will be honoured, and transferred to this new certification. You will need to send us the proofs for the trainings that your have completed in the 2 years since the issue of your last certificate. Once the certification switch has veen granted, the same process applies for renewal and upgrade.

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The Indigenous Certification Board of Canada certifies workers who are employed in Indigenous settings, but supports employment choices for all ICBOC first certification applicants and existing ICBOC certified members. Applicants who are interested in obtaining professional certification that enhances their opportunities for employment in other work settings can also apply for ICBOC certification via its Certification Equivalence process.

Applicants who obtain their certification with ICBOC have satisfied a higher, different set of standards and requirements reflecting the uniqueness of Indigenous perspectives on life, healing principles and practice. These standards respond to the specific realities and needs of Indigenous clients, their families and communities, as well as those of employers and of workers themselves.




The certification obtained through ICBOC’s Certification Equivalence Process is based on equivalence between ICBOC’s Standards and Requirements and those of other boards, not on the title and level of the certification granted by other boards.

Applicants applying to ICBOC certification via its equivalence process will not automatically obtain the same certification level.

Before you apply for the recognition of the certification granted by another certification board, and to learn about the ICBOC equivalencies, please contact the Registrar’s office.

To apply for this option, candidates will need to complete and submit the Application for Certification Equivalence form and demonstrate, by including his/her certificate from the other board, that he/she is still in good standing with that board. An expired certificate will not be accepted. 

Please note that the following documents are also required: Current job description, Wellness Plan, Code of Ethics. Both the wellness plan and the Code of Ethics are included in the application.

Application for Certification Equivalence Form





A certified member who has obtained his/her ICBOC certification through ICBOC’s Certification Equivalence process must renew this certification every two (2) years, by completing the application package entitled APPLICATION FOR THE FIRST RECERTIFICATION OF APPLICANTS WHO OBTAINED INITIAL CERTIFICATION THROUGH ICBOC CERTIFICATION EQUIVALENCE PROCESS. The link to this application package is included on this page.
This recertification by equivalence application requires the submission of the following:

  • Personal Information
  • Educational Qualifications Form
    • Certificate of program completion/graduation
    • Transcripts
  • Employer’s Declaration regarding Applicant’s Criminal Record Check
  • Letter of Professional Reference
  • Supervisor’s Evaluation corresponding to your current ICBOC certification and level. (Please contact ICBOC for a copy of the right Supervisor’s evaluation)
  • Proof of 40 hours of new training (certificates, employer’s declaration, transcripts etc…)
  • $250.00 Recertification Fee – payment to be made to ICBOC

Application Package for the Recertification of Equivalence Applicants

















A certified member who has obtained his/her ICBOC certification through a certification transfer application and who wishes to obtain a certification upgrade must submit a complete application for the level of certification requested.