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ICBOC’s training program accreditation is an evaluation process designed to ensure that the education/training that Indigenous students undertake provide optimum opportunities for their success, whether they wish to pursue their studies further or to secure employment. One of the major factors influencing the attraction and retention of Indigenous students is the inclusion of Indigenous input in all phases starting from the inception of a formal education progam or an informal training offered in a variety of formats and leading to its delivery and evaluation. ICBOC’s implementation of the accreditation process itself varies according to the education/training provider. Click on the next tab to learn about how ICBOC accredits the different kinds of education/training offered by different providers. All education/training providers wishing to maintain their program accreditation need to renew it every three years. ICBOC accredits various types of education/training offered by the following providers

  • Universities and Colleges
  • Training companies, organizations and training conference organizers
  • Independent Trainers   

All education/training accreditation, whether formal or informal, in class, online, in the form of courses, workshops, webinars, whether delivered by conventional or alternative means, begin with the submission of an application. It is the application evaluation process that varies


Universities and Colleges

The accreditation of universities and colleges’s education programs is carried out in two phases, Presite and Onsite. The presite phase consists in the review of the documentary information on the program, submitted through a program accreditation application.

A successful determination leads to the setting up of an onsite schedule of interviews, of class observations and review of the premises and the material used in the delivery of the program, implement at the institution itself.

ICBOC’s feed back is provided in the form of a report, which may contain recommendations for the institution to implement during the three years preceding the renewal of the program accreditation.

A certificate is presented to the education/training providers upon the successful accreditation of their program.

All graduates from an accredited university or college program qualify for automatic certification, provided they satisfy the work experience required for the certification they are eligible for.

We prefer to have a preliminary conversation with interested accreditation applicants before they apply for the accreditation of their education/training. Please do not hesitate to communicate with us by phone or email.

Directory of programs delivered by ICBOC Accredited Universities and Colleges

Training Companies and Organizations

The application for the accreditation of the education/training developed and/or delivered by training companies, not-for-profit training organizations, agencies or associations, is simpler than for university and college programs.

As for those who graduate from an accredited university and college education/training programs, participants who complete an accredited training delivered by a training company, organization or training conference organizers can apply the training hours toward their certification or certification renewal. The hours will be accepted only on presentation of a valid certificate issued by the training provider.

You will need to renew the accredited status of your training every 3 years.

We prefer to have a preliminary conversation with interested accreditation applicants. Please communicate with us by phone or email before you apply for the accreditation of your education/training. This will ensure you are being fully informed about ICBOC’s accreditation protocols, that you are sent the right application and guided through it, that you register your co-trainers and that you provide participants with certificates bearing the information required by ICBOC.

Directory of programs delivered by ICBOC Accredited Companies and Organizations


Independent Trainers

The application you need to submit the training will contain forms that will provide ICBOC with the information on the different trainings topics and format you chose to deliver your training. For example, as an independent trainer, you may wish to accredit courses or workshops on different topics, lasting a number of hours or days, in a class or online forma. The application contains forms that cover all these options. You can therefore use the forms that best fit these options, and photocopy them if needs be.

The accreditation of your training includes your registration and approval as an ICBOC independent trainer. You will need to renew your accredited status every two years.

Please communicate with us by phone or email before you apply for the accreditation of your education/training, your trainer registration an approval. This will ensure you are being fully informed about ICBOC’s accreditation protocols, that you are guided through the application, are filling and submitting the right forms, and that you will include the information required by ICBOC on the certificates provided to participants who complete your training

Directory of Approved and Registered Independent Trainers.