Circle of Eagle Feathers

The feathers are from the most sacred bird to our people – the Eagle, who is the messenger to our Creator. The feathers are done in the traditional colours of the west coast, red and black. Red represents our people, our spirit, the spirituality of our people. Black represents the time before we know our humanity. It also represents the bleak time in our history. The black and red feathers are pointing the same direction. They form a circle on the outside of the logo. This represents the circle of life. The black feathers with red ribbons represent the people that we have lost to addictions. They are people with very little hope in their lives as symbolized by the red ribbons. The black ribbons on those feathers represent the babies that are born into addictions.

Inner circle

It is a Medicine Wheel that is traditionally from the prairies, but it is done in a west coast style. The colours are from the plains people and symbolize the four races of man. Inside the Medicine Wheel are the traditional symbol of the Metis which represents unity and an Ulu – vital for survival and symbolizes the scraping away of pain and dysfunction from the legacy of historical colonialism and addictions – that represents our brothers and sisters from the North.

Everything is in a circle showing us how, we, as humanity, as a Nation of brothers and sisters have to unite and work together to beat all addictions.